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Perazzi Shotgun was established to provide a community for Perazzi owners to share Perazzi Gunsmithing, hunting, trap, doubles, skeet, sporting clays, live bird experiences.

Giacomo Sporting USA has approved Perazzi Shotgun to use their Perazzi photos and content for educational and informational purposes. Membership on Perazzi Shotgun is voluntary and at the full discretion of Perazzi Shotgun. All membership requests and site content is preapproved prior to posting. Existing membership and content can be removed at the discretion of Perazzi Shotgun.




Perazzi gunsmithing is an art and skill that has been passed down from generation to generation throughout families in Italy. At the young age of 18, Giacomo Arrighini began working at the Perazzi factory in Brescia, Italy. Mr. Daniel Perazzi sent Giacomo to the Ithaca Gun Company in Ithaca, New York to train the employees on how to service Perazzi shotguns in 1973. Mr. Perazzi recognized that if he was to have a market in America, he would have to be able to provide the same level of gunsmithing service as in Italy. In 1979, Perazzi USA, Inc. was formed in Rome, New York as a distribution and service center in the United States. Giacomo managed the company.

Just as Daniel Perazzi is passing down his skills and company to his children, so is Giacomo Arrighini taking the time and effort to continue the same fine tradition in his family - with his daughter, Daniela and his son-in-law, Dan Lokker. Through a rigorous 15 year apprenticeship, Dan Lokker honed the intricate skills required to provide Perazzi Shotgun owners in the US with factory-quality gunsmithing services. The future goal of passing down this same storied tradition of Old World craftsmanship to Giacomo’s grandchildren remains intact.

Giacomo Sporting USA, Inc. team includes Dan, Daniela (Giacomo’s daughter), Doug, Doug Sr, and Giacomo himself. They each perform an aspect of Perazzi Gunsmithing. This includes metalworking, stock-making and woodworking, barrel-fitting and finishing, action and trigger mechanisms, all to factory standards. Doug, for example, has the skill to take a block of wood and transform it into a custom-fitted stock and fore-end for your favorite Perazzi shotgun. Dan Lokker is a fully trained, qualified, experienced, and passionate Perazzi Gunsmith. Dan’s abilities include, but not limited to fine tuning a trigger, fitting another set of barrels to that MX8 of yours, plus much more. Other services include: Slow rust bluing, hot bluing, resoldering barrels, lengthen forcing cones, open choke, electroless nickel plating, machanical repairs and much more.This is the main difference between buying a custom-fitted Perazzi from Giacomo Sporting versus anyone else in the US.

About Giacomo

At the young age of 18 Giacomo Arrighini

began working at the Perazzi factory in Brescia Italy. Mr. Daniele Perazzi sent Giacomo to the Ithaca Gun Company in Ithaca, New York to train the employees how to service Perazzi shotguns in 1973. The purpose of this was so that the American market could receive service on his or her Perazzi shotgun. In 1979 Perazzi USA, Inc. was formed in Rome, New York as a distribution and service center in the United States. Therefore, Giacomo was relocated to Rome to manage the company and provide friendly service. In 1988 Mr. Perazzi decided to transfer Perazzi USA, Inc. to Monrovia, California. Giacomo made a decision to open his own company and continue specializing in the sales and service of the high quality Perazzi shotgun that he has become so attached to. On April 1 1988 (Giacomo's Birthday) that dream was realized with the opening of Giacomo Sporting, Inc. located at 6234 Stokes Lee Center Rd. in Lee Center, New York 13363.



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DISCLAIMER: This website is not affiliated with Perazzi Italy or Perazzi USA This website has not been approved or endorsed by Perazzi USA or Perazzi Italy.

This website is approved by
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6234 Stokes Lee Center Road
Lee Center, New York 13363.

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Mx2000rs combo for sale one-owner Cheap!

Started by dave beal in Uncategorized yesterday. 0 Replies

If you want a REALLY NICE PERAZZI this is the one for you! Bought new from hi-grade guns in 2003. ( Current replacement cost $17,200 at hi-grade as of October 2014. *** ----------------------------------------------- The 3 MAIN…Continue

Entry Level Perazzi's

Started by Grant Mecozzi in Help with my Perazzi. Last reply by Richard 9 hours ago. 9 Replies

Hi All,I'm curious as to how the "economy" perazzi models stack up to their pure competition guns as well as say the Beretta 682 models and Browning 525 and 725 guns and the CG Summit. Also how does the old MX7 compare to the new MXS.ThanksContinue

Tags: and, CG, browning, beretta, MXS

MX7 Info Need

Started by Grant Mecozzi in History of my Perazzi Nov 2. 0 Replies

Hi,I just purchased a used MX7 and I'm trying to find any information about the model.ThanksContinue

Help with MX8

Started by Dennis Thompson in Help with my Perazzi. Last reply by Mark Maund 19 hours ago. 8 Replies

I purchased a nice used MX8. Shoots great, but the upper barrel fires first. I'd like to have the lower barrel fire first. What can/must be done to change the firing sequence...Thanks,DennyContinue

Tags: Sequence, Firing, Barrel, Triggers, MX8


Started by Richard Bailey in Uncategorized. Last reply by Richard Bailey Sep 9. 2 Replies

Still searching for an auto safety kit for my MX28.  Surely there is one out there somewhere?Continue

MX12 action wear from firing pin

Started by rob share in Help with my Perazzi. Last reply by rob share Sep 13. 8 Replies

I have a mx12 that I have owned since the springI have noticed that the hole in the action where the lower firing pin is located is a little elongatedThe pin protrudes a little further than the top firing pindoes this suggest that something is wrong…Continue

Perazzi MX2 Trap

Started by Roger Whitaker in Uncategorized. Last reply by Roger Whitaker Sep 12. 2 Replies

Can any one give me any information on a Perazzi MX2 trap gun I am  looking at a secondhand one to buy.Question1: It has a 31.5" barrel is this correctQ2---------- When would these guns be made?Q3----- ---Were they made with adjustable stocks this…Continue

shot my new MX 410

Started by sera russell in Help with my Perazzi Aug 20. 0 Replies

Got to break in my new MX 410 on some registered target last week-end. Great little gun. Only the 2d 410 I have owned.There's nothing like a Perazzi.Continue

Wtb 28 inches barrel for a mx8

Started by Aldo bruzzone in Help with my Perazzi. Last reply by Jim Russo Sep 2. 2 Replies

Need to buy a 12 ga barrel for international skeet. In case something shows up abruzzone_p@yahoo.comThanksContinue

Help on early gun identification

Started by Joe McKeone in Uncategorized. Last reply by christian madsen Sep 13. 5 Replies

I have my first Perazzi it is dated1966 fully engraved with inlays drop out trigger . I can not identify exactly what I have I was told by Perazzi USA it is to early to be an MX8 can anyone help on point me where to find information on older guns.…Continue

Blog Posts

MT 6 Ejector Sear frozen

Posted by Robert L Miller on November 21, 2014 at 9:46pm 0 Comments

I found a local  MT 6 for a reasonable price that  I figured I could use for skeet and sporting clays. Has 29 1/2" barrels with factory tubes and it looked pretty solid. I finally had a chance to tear it down tonight to see what kind of shape…


MX 5 Stock

Posted by Randy Peck on November 2, 2014 at 10:07am 0 Comments

I am looking for a "duplicate" replacement stock for my MX 5 12 gauge. The original MX 5 stocks are of a more American traditional field grade configuration.  I believe the MX 6 and 8 stocks fit the MX…


Additional Trigger?

Posted by Bill L Nicholson on September 23, 2014 at 11:44am 1 Comment


Good morning!  I'm a trap newbie, and the prould owner of a very slightly used TM9.  I'm understanding that this model has a leaf, rather than coil, trigger spring.  Would you recommend that that I carry an extra…


Perazzi repair

Posted by William Winn on July 16, 2014 at 5:15pm 4 Comments

Who does the best job repairing loose ribs on Perazzi shotguns?

SCO ejector problem

Posted by rick durkee on July 12, 2014 at 5:56pm 10 Comments

Help please:

upon opening my early SCO after firing  the ejector fails to eject the spent hull on the lower barrel. the hull bounces up about 1/3rd of the way out of the chamber and is then easily removed by hand.  the ejector appears to…


Forend to fit MX2000S (2011 model)

Posted by John B. Shooter on May 31, 2014 at 1:50pm 1 Comment


I would like to buy a forend ( pref wood only) for my MX2000S, on which I have already downgraded the stock (to preserve the original high grade woodwork) for extreme field conditions whilst crow shooting.

Just plain wood or…


mx8 scx

Posted by bob strydom on April 25, 2014 at 3:41am 1 Comment

i have a mx8 scx can any body give me info on this model

early top lever

Posted by Kerran J Madden (Ron) on January 11, 2014 at 8:31pm 1 Comment

I have an early SC1 (#43996) drop out triggers, that has broken its top lever a couple of times now. They were apparently weak from the outset being scalloped out to allow the firing pins thru.

Has anyone converted their early model…


Looking for information about stocks of different models that will fit my Perazzi MT6

Posted by Wes Brozyna on December 19, 2013 at 11:22pm 3 Comments

I have a Perazzi MT6 and I would like to know what other models of gun stocks will fit my gun's receiver.


Posted by Gordon Horigan on December 11, 2013 at 3:38pm 6 Comments

I have a MX3 Spec. with a drop out trigger ,what stocks will interchange with it? the one I have is to short.



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