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Perazzi gunsmithing is an art and skill that has been passed down from generation to generation throughout families in Italy. At the young age of 18, Giacomo Arrighini began working at the Perazzi factory in Brescia, Italy. Mr. Daniel Perazzi sent Giacomo to the Ithaca Gun Company in Ithaca, New York to train the employees on how to service Perazzi shotguns in 1973. Mr. Perazzi recognized that if he was to have a market in America, he would have to be able to provide the same level of gunsmithing service as in Italy. In 1979, Perazzi USA, Inc. was formed in Rome, New York as a distribution and service center in the United States. Giacomo managed the company.

Just as Daniel Perazzi is passing down his skills and company to his children, so is Giacomo Arrighini taking the time and effort to continue the same fine tradition in his family - with his daughter, Daniela and his son-in-law, Dan Lokker. Through a rigorous 15 year apprenticeship, Dan Lokker honed the intricate skills required to provide Perazzi Shotgun owners in the US with factory-quality gunsmithing services. The future goal of passing down this same storied tradition of Old World craftsmanship to Giacomo’s grandchildren remains intact.

Giacomo Sporting USA, Inc. team includes Dan, Daniela (Giacomo’s daughter), Doug, Doug Sr, and Giacomo himself. They each perform an aspect of Perazzi Gunsmithing. This includes metalworking, stock-making and woodworking, barrel-fitting and finishing, action and trigger mechanisms, all to factory standards. Doug, for example, has the skill to take a block of wood and transform it into a custom-fitted stock and fore-end for your favorite Perazzi shotgun. Dan Lokker is a fully trained, qualified, experienced, and passionate Perazzi Gunsmith. Dan’s abilities include, but not limited to fine tuning a trigger, fitting another set of barrels to that MX8 of yours, plus much more. Other services include: Slow rust bluing, hot bluing, resoldering barrels, lengthen forcing cones, open choke, electroless nickel plating, machanical repairs and much more.This is the main difference between buying a custom-fitted Perazzi from Giacomo Sporting versus anyone else in the US.

About Giacomo

At the young age of 18 Giacomo Arrighini

began working at the Perazzi factory in Brescia Italy. Mr. Daniele Perazzi sent Giacomo to the Ithaca Gun Company in Ithaca, New York to train the employees how to service Perazzi shotguns in 1973. The purpose of this was so that the American market could receive service on his or her Perazzi shotgun. In 1979 Perazzi USA, Inc. was formed in Rome, New York as a distribution and service center in the United States. Therefore, Giacomo was relocated to Rome to manage the company and provide friendly service. In 1988 Mr. Perazzi decided to transfer Perazzi USA, Inc. to Monrovia, California. Giacomo made a decision to open his own company and continue specializing in the sales and service of the high quality Perazzi shotgun that he has become so attached to. On April 1 1988 (Giacomo's Birthday) that dream was realized with the opening of Giacomo Sporting, Inc. located at 6234 Stokes Lee Center Rd. in Lee Center, New York 13363.



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2000s sticks after shooting

Started by Jim Roccasano in Uncategorized. Last reply by Luis J. Cabassa 3 hours ago. 3 Replies

I'm looking at a 2000s that a friend of mine is selling. The gun shoots well, but the action is sometimes very difficult to open after both barrels are fired. My friend says that he sent the gun back to perazzi and they told him this is normal, has…Continue

MX8-20 or MX20 / MX28

Started by Jeff Martin in Uncategorized. Last reply by Jeff Martin Jun 11. 2 Replies

A couple of years back I had a MX8-20 / 28 custom built. We selected a beautiful piece of wood, the receiver was case hardened, and added gold engraving. I struggled with the decision to get either a MX20/MX28 or the MX-8 20/28. As shown below I…Continue

Perazzi mx8/20 .410 ga.??

Started by wil cardso in Uncategorized. Last reply by Scott Lovett Jun 1. 1 Reply

Hi all,I have acquired an all matching mx8/20 in .410 ga [bc] date code,paperwork indicates it left the factory as an .410.My question is :how many were made? rarity? guesstimate, and what is the new street price for one of these ? standard blue…Continue

6 Long Months MX20/MX28

Started by Scott Lovett in Uncategorized. Last reply by Anthony Schembri Jun 7. 4 Replies

After two years of trying to decide between an MX28 and a MX20, I finally ordered a MX20 today. Was looking for a field gun to hunt upland birds such as Quail, Sharptails and Huns. Have lusted over a MX28 but knowing deep down that I don't shoot a…Continue

Sources for Comp 1 Stocks

Started by Bart Saxon in Uncategorized. Last reply by Mike Mucaria May 16. 3 Replies

Hello and first post. I have a nice Comp1 on its way that is stocked very flat. I would like to jnow where some sources are for either nice used stocks or possibly new stocks (macon?weing?). Of course I have yet to shoot the gun and see exactly how…Continue

Need help. Perazzi comp1

Started by rafael Tames in Uncategorized. Last reply by rafael Tames May 3. 2 Replies

Some one can tel me if a Perazzi comp1 forearm iron will fit an MX8 type four?Thanks.Continue

Perazzi pair value

Started by marios souzou in Value of my Perazzi. Last reply by marios souzou Apr 23. 2 Replies

Hi I just bought 2 perazzis game models a pair marked I and II made in 1968 weight 3.1 kg 68 cm barrels single trigger pistol stock tiger stripe receiver detachable trigger leaf springs ventilated barrels SC1 model choked cylinder and fullAction…Continue

Can you identify this Perazzi shotgun?

Started by James P.McGrath in Uncategorized. Last reply by James P.McGrath Apr 10. 2 Replies

I have a 25" Perazzi over/underThere are no Importers markings on this gun to the USAIt is serial #31230It is was billed as a mx5Any help would be appreciatedJimContinue

TM1 vs. TMS

Started by Bill L Nicholson in History of my Perazzi. Last reply by Buddy Walters May 5. 6 Replies

Gentlemen:I have earlier related how I purchased a used Perazzi, listed as a TM1, from Monsoor's Sport Shot in Wisconsin, and how I shot it better than my TM9.  As I stated in My Perazzi Story, I related that last year, I'd sent the gun to Phillip's…Continue

MX-8 Value

Started by Mark R. Nelson in Uncategorized. Last reply by Mark R. Nelson Apr 18. 4 Replies

I am looking for advice to determine the value of my MX-8.  I have been told by several folks a wide range on value.  Is there a website, book or something else that can show value on the older Perazzi's? The one I have is listed…Continue

Blog Posts

older MX 8

Posted by Patrick Christoper Smith on December 15, 2015 at 1:51am 4 Comments

I have had my MX8 refurbished at Perazzi. The gun is like new again.  My MX8 is one of the older guns in South Africa. The serial number 45572 manufactured in 1975 and still going strong.   I like to know which is the oldest gun still in use

Double barrel discharge

Posted by Richard Petralia on November 21, 2015 at 11:53am 3 Comments

I have a 12 gauge Perazzi Mirage-S Sporting Classic #87717. I was shooting clay’s yesterday

and both barrels discharged at the same time. This happened three different times.

Total round fired was 50. Do you have any recommendations to fix this problem?

Thank you


sco engraving pattern

Posted by clive watson on July 30, 2015 at 10:45am 7 Comments

has anyone seen this engraving pattern before (Pasotti signed )

MX 28 ejection

Posted by Richard Bailey on July 14, 2015 at 10:42am 5 Comments

My MX28   ejects used cartridges to fall beside me, whilst my MX20 throws them several feet.  Is this normal for an MX28?

Calling all Bird Hunters

Posted by Jeff Martin on June 21, 2015 at 2:30pm 8 Comments

003 Tim, Tommy, Mark & me

I believe the hansom fella on the left is a German Wired Hair Pointer. It belongs to …


My Perazzi Story

Posted by Frank Neumayer on April 29, 2015 at 3:00pm 9 Comments

     I have always admired and appreciated the quality and performance of Perazzi shotguns. I first considered buying one many years ago when I had just started shooting competitive trap and skeet. However, money was tight back then and I just couldn’t justify the cost. I never gave up on the thought of someday owning a Perazzi, so I decided to just keep my eyes open and watch for a good used one to come my way. A few years pasted when that opportunity…


Type 3 forearm wood needed

Posted by Gerald Majors on February 16, 2015 at 12:45pm 2 Comments

I am looking for a nice type 3 forearm (wood only) for my MX8-Ithaca. I have a new stock on it that is more of a blonde walnut with up/down stripes/grain near the end of the stock. Even if it is a little dark but in really good shape I'd be interested.

Giacomo Gunsmithing

Posted by Brian Johnson on January 30, 2015 at 12:57am 2 Comments

Does anyone know if Giacomo accepts Perazzi repairs internationally, I have a Perazzi receiver that needs to be re nickel plated, and I live in N.Z. the other option would be to send it back to the Factory in Italy which would take a lot longer.   

Mid 90's build MX8 Special Combo - Misfire on upper firing pin

Posted by Bill Paulbitski on January 4, 2015 at 9:38am 2 Comments

I jammed the trigger group into the receiver by not properly inserting the forward section first and locking the rear.  Could not budge it.  I'm in Casa Grande trap and skeet and Tom Larkin, gunsmith from Minn. looked at the gun and said no big deal - he sees 5 a year where this was done.  Took off the stock, pushed a lever back as far as it would go - assume the trigger release on the safety and used a pin to drift out the trigger assembly.

The gun shows little…


Comp One Chokes

Posted by Joe McKeone on December 12, 2014 at 6:53am 1 Comment

I have a early Comp one , Type one style chokes can anyone tell me if they are available and where I might locate some. Thanks Joe



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Holmes Chapel Shooting Ground

We are delighted to welcome back Holmes Chapel Shooting Ground in Cheshire as a CPSA Registered DTL Ground. Dave Hurstfield has installed two brand new DTL layouts and is holding his first open competition this Sunday 26th June and his first Registered DTL competition the week after on Sunday 3rd...

Young Shots Days (Summer 2016)

We are delighted to release the next round of dates for our Young Shots Days over the Summer 2016 School holidays. ​Please keep an eye out here for new dates as they become available. These are a great introduction to Clay Pigeon Shooting or a refresher for those youngsters who...

English and British Open All Round Competition Weekend 2016

There were many factors competing to distract shooters from attending these events, but none the less there were good fields for both days, some class shooting and plenty of nail-biting shoot-offs. The weather was kind – the heavens didn’t open nor was there any sign of blinding sun – though...



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